Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lopez A little bit romance

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez knows how to give a prix fixe dinner is a little heat to the letter, just to enjoy a dinner date together.

Only two players left in a white New York Yes, a upscale restaurant on the upper west side, which has a $ 295 tasting menu, Prix fixe chef. Saturday night saw a talk given at the time.

Tour was described as “romantic” for a news source, and a connecting Armenia Lopez-Cooper will both surprise and sexy. But do not look for save the date card soon. Others said that with all businesses, both are possible in which to do business, according to media news.

Lopez, 42, divorced from Marc Anthony, husband of seven years after her marriage this summer implodiu. Cooper, 36, had a serious go of it with Renee Zellweger, but it failed after one year ending in 2010.

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