Justin and Selena have a wonderful time,Enjoying together


Justin Bieber and  Selena Gomez had a fun date night in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Both had seen the shop (as Justin’s bodyguards on hand), and early evening, and then were seen again, watch a demonstration of laughter from my pain later that same night.

According to the Hollywood life, both Justin and Selena have a wonderful time, and because of the presence of bodyguards, it seemed that a couple of teenagers.

Selena Gomez is enjoying a month ago, then of course you plan to spend a little time for Justin Bieber. His Tour, We own the night, wrapped only in the United States and Canada next month will take you to a few concerts. However, it will be interesting to see that these two love Birds pop up while you’re on vacation.

Justin Bieber is difficult to work on the album, but as it is written in Los Angeles and Selena will be there, too – well, you get the idea: What do you think the two go together and they both take temporary residence in the city of Angels.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fans on Twitter Twitter to see her two nights in Los Angeles date.

“Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been one of the best moments of my life (: Haha,” a fan named Fritz DAYN tweeted.

For fans of Twitter’s bodyguard, who was with Justin Kenny couple everywhere they went.

I’m glad to hear that Justin and Selena are going and doing things that young couples should begin to enjoy. Both work hard, so it is good to play some time during your down time. Many people think that the fans of Selena and Justin are together along the route. If this happens or not will be seen, but two seem to be mature in their decisions and their love and appreciation for each other.


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