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Kung Fu Panda 2

“Kung Fu Panda 2″is a wicked fine fellow is consequent to the animated film, even though about to do, the evil in the news for a little while. to sink, everything about the new movie there is a greater scale – it’s also 3-500 – And he went up through the opening credits is hoped more from it was good. But it’s not, not in time.

The is the pledge of unsentimental. This stinks, as does the false in sentiment. In the original PO was that which was the skin Panda (Jack Black) Being adopted, is a goose. In the repetition of the word, wretched man the Po, and to inquire about his family because he was born. But truly, from the discovery of it turns out to open the more easily find out, as do most – you’ll love – were killed the prince of evil (the peacock, the voice of Dracula by).

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In this manner, get a little anxiety of adoption in the genocidia the first minute of the movie.

It should be understood to go to war is the PO, Fear, and the evil of this honor on the rest of the story is. From that time the war It’s all up at the scene a little about the estimation of 80-percent of the time of the screen. Po have an ability the same from the last movie the crowd, even the tiger (Angelina Jolie) and go up to the peacock, the army of evil. Kung Fu Aeneas explosion of combat.

This is simply bad story, in so far as the proper disagree’s there at all, but also thin and uninspired about the burning of contempt both in disapproval. But what are you OK, was offered them as the story goes bust, or it is that funny Visuals and goods of the movie that have a care? Alas, they are now about four times a soft laughter with the whole principle of the whole Visual botched the movie is concluded.

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The choreography of fighting, without the variety of wit. It’s all Bombus, thud roar. And, except for from the pre-credits sequence involving the peacocks and afterwards the memory of that scene is bathed in red, there’s Nothing to see. Plus the movie seems to be too little to understand the opportunities for the profession of the borders of 3-500. It’s all the quick cuts and put to confusion successively represented as though in the double ones. There is no moment when three dimensions are taken in a special called a “type the imaginative way.

“Kung Fu Panda,”Is not the fun and beautiful to look at, and Kung Fu Panda, and there is no 2. But it is kind of in which the movie gets evil thing to say, otherwise not, because you are still lives of folly The price of the games a gentle manner. Is easily ruined by laughed at.


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