Not Salman John Abraham’s favorite action hero is Akshay

Bollywood Actor John Abraham is in full ‘Force’. Don’t worry , ‘Force’ is new film of John Abraham which is going to be releasing in, and it’s release is just around the turn.

A little upset with the even contrast with Salman’s Dabangg and Aamir Khan of Ghajini, John Abraham insists that he was always known for his macho body type from the very beginning. He also added that every film has a place of its own, and that his film Force, in its own right, is a unique film nothing like      other. It is a glossy action movie with some edge of the accommodate entertainment.

While on the theme of action, John Abraham doesn’t quite tune the Salman Khan mantra, the way most actors are wont to do these days. As an alternative, he hails Akshay Kumar as the best action hero the in Bollywood industry.


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