Zayed Khan and Dia Mirza producing a romantic film

Bollywood actor Zayed Khan has not been on the silver screen for a while, but is back in new action volume, this time as a producer, along with his friend Dia Mirza. “We are busy gearing up for the movie. It’s a very fresh love story related script modern love too, about all the things that a young, modern people would go through being in a relationship,” said Zayed Khan. 


His first appearance production is not your characteristic ‘happily ever after’ love story – there are no accompaniments and fancy or over-the-top romances. “The film breaks certain taboos.

Such as, being gay is no longer something you need to put out of sight, neither are live-in relationships. It also deals with questions like whether cash and career are more important than pleasure and love,” he adds.


Zayed khan comes from a family of actors and producers, still has not fairly made the mark in films one would be expecting him to, with his looks and ability. And he is still known for his roles in ensemble cast movies. Tezz, his upcoming flick, is no different. Does not he feel the need to break out on himself?

“I ’m sharing screen space with Ajay Devgn, Kangna Ranaut and Boman Irani,” he agrees and adds, “But the payment of the movie is such? It was very difficult to complete this work. We worked very hard  up to two days shooting for a two-minute scene.”


Zayed Khan, incidentally, has two reasons to celebrate in October. Apart from his production hitting the screens, he’s going to be a daddy once more.

And the realisation seems to have put his life into perspective, because he says, “I’ve been very bull-headed and whimsical in the past. I’m taking my career more seriously now.” So what brought on this epiphany? “I was brought up to be the good Samaritan,” says Zayed


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