Indian scientists have discovered 12 new species of Frogs

Years of pent-Tropical Mountain Forest, under rocks and in the evening to hear the croaker brilliant new penalty points for a team of Indian scientists have discovered 12 new species of Frogs and three other girls is dead.

It is the discovery team hopes will bring attention to amphibians of India and its role in gauging the health and the environment.

Percent of the world’s 32 species of the world’s known amphibians are threatened with extinction, mainly due to the Habitat loss or contamination, according to the World Wildlife Protection Group.

“It is very important for the Tigers not only indicators of climate change, but also polluting the environment,” said the scientist leading the project, then Sathyabhama Das Biju biologist at the University of Delhi.

Frogs are found very recently in India, a rare and live in the area, so that they require strict Habitat Protection, Biju – The Associated Press-On Saturday. “Unfortunately in India, conservation is mainly focused on two of the most charismatic Animals -. The elephant and a tiger for amphibians interest recently, little research funding and is not easy. ”

Frogs are very difficult to find at night, leaving only darkness, and during the monsoon season, both in fast currents and streams or moist forest floor.

Biju – said he and his student researchers have to sit in the dark, damp forest listening to the sounds of the Frogs and the brilliant new rocks and river beds. They are descriptions of new species, as well as Genetics.

12 new frog species are miando night, which sounds more like coaxar title cat, frog evening jog, only one of the two men and a woman to control the egg, and frog night Wayanad, which increases the size of a baseball or cricket ball. “It’s almost like a monster in the forest floor, large animals, a frog, jumping a rock with another,” said Biju.

Three other species, including frog night Coorg redescobertos were described 91 years later, the scientists, “completely ignored this animal, thought lost.”

The results, published in the latest issue of the journal Zootaxa taxonomy – the number of Tigers in India for 336. Biju have calculated that only about half of what nature, and said that none of the amphibians of India are still studied biological compounds, which can be used even in science.

“First of all, we should find a species, we know them and protect them so that we can investigate their clinical significance,” he said.

Biju is credited with discovering several new species of frog from India during his career of 35 years.


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