This is the biggest thing for space exploration in decades said Florida Sen

test4NASA plan brings hope to space communityNASA’s announcement last week that he has resided in the design of space launch systems for space exploration in the deep sense of the Bay Area to help local Aerospace employees and some insurance.

It comes after months of indecision and loss of hundreds of jobs as the shuttle program ends – bringing hope that NASA will be able to maintain the best and brightest, as they transition into another program.

“This is the most important research area for decades,” said Sen. Bill Nelson, Florida, and chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Space Science, who, as well as Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Texas struggled greatly to get you moving the space program.

“The goal is to safely fly people out of low Earth orbit and into deep space, where not only survive, but also in the day.”Hutchison, that the project complies with the rocket program, led by last year’s authorization act for: NASA and he expressed hope that “the new operating system is pursued without further loss of time and space efficiency, while relying on the world-class engineers and designers to follow the U.S. NASA’s chief space exploration. “

But how does it help the Johnson Space Center?  Clear Lake area. Hutchison asked.

Noting that it was the home of Mission Control and where 14,000 are working in the space program, said, “This project is part of the Orion capsule, that sit atop the rocket.

“And this is the next iteration of the crawl space will push the envelope beyond where they ever were before. So, of Houston is now stabilized, and we keep to this schedule, but what I will be watching all this and I, that the Senate”.

It also means keeping the more experienced man, NASA, and adding more jobs, he said: “It is very interesting and makes stabilizing Houston».

Kari Fluegel, a spokesman for United Space Alliance, which led to the ferry schedule and was forced to dismiss hundreds of employees here, I found a “very exciting in the human spaceflight community.

“The U.S. will certainly play a role in any future human spaceflight efforts, and we believe we can use our unique expertise in space operations to support future missions, wherever you go, safe and successful.

“We appreciate the opportunities that may exist, and we look forward to working to make this project a reality the rest of Aerospace.”

Congressman Pete Olson said he was satisfied that the new system was announced, he was not satisfied with the long delay.

“There is almost one year, Congress ordered NASA to decide on the new SLS: America and the Aerospace Industry in the standby compass is waiting for NASA, and this administration to show the leadership required by law.
Causes Layoffs

“Failure to redundancies and unnecessary gap in the ability of the United States to get our own astronauts into low Earth orbit and beyond, making us more dependent on Russia for space access.”

Johnson Space Center Director Mike was pleased with the Jackets’ strong support of the Congress “and compromise with the President.

“Congress is working together with the White House Office of Management and Budget, NASA-the headquarters and to ensure stability in human space exploration: definition of the operating system provides a critical element in the architecture and allows us to study the development of NASA space vehicles human resources, the Orion Multi Purpose Vehicle Team “.
Would you like to learn more

Noting the similarities and the proposed new rocket for the Apollo program Saturn V Mike Hernandez said, “want to know more about this new program successful and how to obtain financing, and understand the challenges you may face embezzlement of money.”

Hernandez, former owner of Architecture, Engineering and Technology is now a senior consultant Bastian added: “I hope this will have a direct positive effect allows companies to some of the personnel and experience, which is otherwise lost, and also have a positive and lasting impact on the U.S. space program allow people to return to the study of our immediate neighbors, that heavenly Apollo program began in 1968. ”

Senator Jay Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Commerce, which oversees NASA, said that “a NASA project, the new system will result in safer operation and earlier than we had before.


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