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There is no change of story between Agnipath and Agnipath remake.Watch Online Free Agneepath Hindi movie with English sub title.

The movie starts with a school teacher Dinanath Chavan and his 10 year old son Vijay watching the sunset over their village of Mandwa, India. Vijay simply asks why their village becomes dark  at night when the city (Mumbai) remains lit.FULL REVIEW

The two carry on their morning walk with Dinanath teaching his son the poem Agneepath.Dinanath is a reformer. He runs a small school, leads a  campaign to obtain electricity and infrastructure, and generally uplift the village. Unbeknownst to him, the village of Mandwa has been insidiously taken over by a powerful crime baron Kancha Cheena . Kancha uses the coastal village as a landing point for his contraband from abroad


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