Aamir Khan going to Be HAJI

Is it possible in islam that a Muslim Haji will act in Film?

While addressing the press during the music launch of his upcoming film Talaash, the actor said: “I am leaving for Hajj and will be returning in the first week of November.

”~ Groho Raj.


Bollywood Imran Khan’s youth appeal

Imran Khan news-views ~ Groho Raj.

Imran’s youth appeal

Imran Khan has proved his mettle in movies with a strong youth connect. But in his next film, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again (OUATIMA), will be seen playing a more desi role. The actor has even grown facial fuzz for his new look

Shahruk Khan in Hollywood Film

Interview of Shahruk Khan, May 2012

Talking about IPL 2012

Taliking about up coming  movies

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